Happy Family

Helping millennials create epic marriages, relationships, and lives.

Individual Therapy

Life is tough! And you want to feel 100% but feel a weight holding you back. We are passionate about journeying with those who are hurting, broken, and trying to make sense out of life. 

Couple/Family Therapy

Relationships are hard. And it is easy to forget that other people matter. However, we have a tendency to be self-protected in relationships. Failure to acknowledge and process through inability to task risk in relationships, be vulnerable, and open can

leave one unfilled. Life doesn't make sense without interdepended. Let us help you address the barriers that have hindered you from having fulfilling relationships and keep you in emotional roller coasters or cycles. "Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves" Jung

Healthy relationships exist, lets journey towards your healing together. 


The Enneagram is most powerful and effective when we view it through the lens of the Gospel. Without a greater awareness of the unconscious motivations that impact our decisions and relationships, we remain stuck. If you are looking for a deeper relationship with Christ you will not walk away from this tool disappointed! It will help you gain the clarity needed for personal maturity, relational intimacy, and spiritual integrity. It will call you to repentance of your false self as well as a celebration of true self, the unique way in which you bear the image of God and the likeness of Christ.